Serving Fort Gratiot and Marysville
Since 1995

Equipment Services in Fort Gratiot & Marysville MI

Equipment service in Fort Gratiot, Marysville MI, Port Huron MI, St. Clair, Yale

Our service department personnel are trained by the manufacturers, updating regularly to be the best they can be. The box stores do not have a parts and service department, or a person to talk to about your equipment problem. If fact, they have to bring your items to us for repair, adding time to the process, which is unnecessary. We do all work in-house at both locations, use the recommended manufacturers replacement parts, etc. and do all warranty work.

Being a rental store, we are pretty well versed in all types of equipment and can fix just about anything. We offer chain sharpening while you wait. We will be glad to show you how to string your trimmer, replace your chain or help you with the parts to do your own tune ups, etc. AND we offer pick up and delivery as well.